Integrity Tax Consulting successfully reduces property taxes for various taxpayers/clients. We have a 99% success rate of all appeals filed with an average savings of 25 - 30%. The following demonstrates the effective results of our assessment reviews that could benefit you and your company.

  • Auto Dealerships

    We have saved one auto dealership in Indiana $737,962 in property taxes.

  • Medical Facilities

    We have saved $1,962,739 in property taxes for a Senior Living Corporation in Indiana.

  • Logisitics & Transportation

    We saved a logistics & transportation company $393,705 in net tax liability in Indiana.

  • Steel Manufacturing

    Our appeal process resulted in property tax savings of $2,012,013 for a single Steel Manufacturing.

  • Commercial Office

    We saved one single commercial office building a total of $1,603,895 in property taxes.

  • Food Manufacturing

    We saved a single food manufacturing company $515,295 in real estate tax liability.

  • Bank

    We have reduced one bank's property tax liability by $869,074.

  • Oil & Energy

    Our appeal process resulted in a savings of $98,567 for an oil and energy company in Indiana.

  • Orthopedic Manufacturing

    We reduced a single Northern Indiana Orthopedic Manufacterer's property tax liability by $196,677.

  • Supermarkets

    Our appeal process resulted in property tax savings of $572,525 for a regional supermarket chain.

  • Property Management

    We saved a property management firm $865,738 in property taxes.

  • Personal Property

    We saved a single company $1,316,434 in personal property tax liability.