Integrity solely focuses on real estate and personal property tax reviews. It is not an ancillary service we provide, it is all we do. This single focus gives us a vital edge among other typical consulting and accounting firms. 

Real Estate Property Tax Services

Site Inspection

An Integrity Tax consultant will personally inspect your facility and conduct a detailed analysis. This includes every aspect of your business operations, from physical characteristics to more subjective items like depreciation and obsolescence. 

Market Comparison

Upon completion of the site inspection, Integrity Tax will compare your property to similar properties. This benchmark allows us to make a more accurate and advanced assessment in relation to your company's specific market and industry. 

Assessment Analysis

At this point in the process, Integrity Tax's certified tax consultant will determine if your tax assessment is excessive, and if you qualify for tax savings. Four out of five properties we evaluate qualify for an appeal. 


Finally, we negotiate an appeal. Our experience, reputation, and cooperative relationships with government tax assessment officials lay the foundation to negotiate tax reductions successfully. We offer a professional service where our professional consultants handle everything from A to Z until the appeal is resolved successfully. 

Personal Property Tax Services

Client Evaluation

Integrity services include a detailed examination of your fixed asset ledger compared to the current business personal property tax return. This evaluation identifies assets that may qualify for exemptions, additional depreciation, and reclassification based on state tax laws.

Site Inspection

An Integrity consultant will conduct a full tax review of your fixed assets. We will then meet with you to recap findings from the site inspection and discuss our recovery procedures. 

Client Recommendation Adjustments

To determine the amount of tax savings, Integrity will complete a fixed asset analysis. We provide our recommendations in a timely manner so that you can meet tax filing deadlines without delay. 

Personal Property Tax Compliance 

Accurate Filing

Using Integrity to prepare your tax returns will ensure timely and accurate filings. At Integrity, we use state-of-the-art software to prepare and file personal property tax returns on behalf of our clients.

Tax Savings

Recovering tax money for our clients is all we do. Period. Our expert consultants are specially trained to review past filings and fixed asset information. All with one goal … helping you keep your money to reinvest in your business. 

Reallocate Internal Resources

Skilled Integrity staff are experts at tax compliance regulations and will prepare your returns for filing.  You can leave the time-consuming review, research, hearings, and recovery to us rather than burden your staff with delving into complex and intricate tax laws. 

Additional Cost Reductions

The hidden benefits of engaging Integrity services are many. The cost of training your staff on the complexities of tax laws is expensive – not to mention upgrading your software annually. Then, there is the time it takes from daily tasks to analyze, appeal, implement, and file. The solution is simple – we love to do taxes and take care of each client as though we were filing our own.

Personal Property Audit Support

Silver Lining

Audits can create fear for taxpayers, but Integrity Tax welcomes the opportunity to support personal property owners who are being audited. Surprisingly, there is often an opportunity to owe less, and tax savings could be applied historically.

Local Knowledge

Through years of experience, our consultants have built professional relations with third-party auditors. We continually monitor and apply our knowledge of local laws, regulations, and administrative codes, which is crucial in representing clients during personal property tax audits.

Risk Mitigation

An Integrity Tax consultant will conduct an initial risk analysis of the audit. Once reviewed, we communicate our findings with our clients to explore the proposed outcomes and lay the foundation for the risk mitigation plan. 

The Integrity Difference

At Integrity, we believe in saving you money. More importantly, we believe in doing it the right way. By working with, not against, local government, we’re able to negotiate property tax appeals that produce savings 99 percent of the time.

What makes us successful? If knowledge is power, then Integrity is among the most powerful tax consulting firms. We believe that the only way to provide you with the most consistently favorable outcomes possible is by continually implementing the latest changes in the tax laws. Moreover, our technical expertise, coupled with our reputation and relationships with assessing officials, is a winning combination that produces tangible success measured in tax savings. Tax dollars that belong to your company.